My latest bike is a 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL650, affectionately known amongst aficionados as the WeeStrom (as compared to the DL1000 version of the bike).

My first bike was a ’97 Honda Shadow 600, which I began riding in the fall of ’07 after successfully completing the Team Oregon Basic Rider Training class. I’d wanted a ‘chrome and leather’ bike since I was a little kid and finally I had one and it was everything I ever wanted in a ‘chrome and leather’ bike. Sadly though, living in Oregon, such a bike was more of a pavement princess and not suited to all weather riding. So with a tear in my eye I put her up for sale on Craigslist, sold her in under a week, and got the WeeStrom.

The Wee is something of a hybrid bike, designed as a dual sport capable of both on-road and off-road riding, also known as an adventure touring bike. It’s a bit weak on the off-road capabilities which is just fine with me. She excels on the pavement and flat out beats the spokes off of the Shadow in terms of performance. And, if there happens to be a dirt road out in the forest that appears interesting I can point the front wheel in that direction and see where it leads.

The goal with the Wee is to park the truck and take the bike as much as possible. She gets around 55mpg (as opposed to the truck which averages around 13mpg for most of the city driving that I do) and she’s a kick in the pants to ride as well. I’ve added a top case to the rear for mostly permanent storage and have side racks and a pair of cases on order to significantly increase the storage capacity. I’m hoping to have her all decked out by the time coho season comes around so that I can strap the rods down, toss the waders and boots into the side cases and do some economical fishing.