Temperature controlled cabinet

Exterior dimensions – 4ft x 2ft x 5ft 8in

Interior dimensions – see pics, will accommodate up to 4 buckets and 2 carboys. If you were so inclined you might fill it with wine even.

Cabinet is lined with 2″ foam, seams sealed with aluminum tape.

Temperature controller is an STC1000 digital controller. The electrical box has 2 outlets each for hot, cold and always-on-power. I never got around to setting up anything for the hot channel but used the always-on to run a couple of fans inside the storage space to circulate air.

Refrigeration provided via dorm fridge.

The upper shelf makes a great spot to store any additional supplies or gadgets.

You’ll need a full sized pickup or a trailer to take it away. I’m done making beer and cider for now and it needs a good home.