A new year, another long list of things at which to fail for most people.  I broke with tradition this year.  Normally I would resolve to not make any resolutions (at which, of course, I immediately fail by resolving to not resolve).  I did however make one resolution: I hereby resolve to spend more time in the hammock this year.

I also have a goal for the year (which is different than making a resolution): I plan to walk every mile of the Sandy River from the mouth at the Columbia up to the mouth of Cedar Creek.  There are some sections in the upper stretches of the river that will be ‘difficult’ to access, but I’m convinced it can (and should) be done.  If nothing else, it’s good exercise and an opportunity to get some pics of the more scenic stretches of the river.  I’ve already walked the stretch from Highway 84 down to the mouth when I took the dogs out for a hike at the beginning of the Arctic Blast.  I’ve covered just about all the water in the Oxbow Park area this season as well.  What I’m really looking for are remote areas of the river that I can get into that most folks wouldn’t think to go or even think they can go.