At long last, fire!

Finally, on November 3rd of 2008 I was signed off on my permit and everything was finally in place and ready.  The first fire:

I started in the beginning of August by removing the large slab of chipped stone from the hearth in front of the old fireplace.

Wander over to the gallery to see all the messy steps in between.  It turned out to be about as much work as I expected it to be, but took a bit longer.  My silver season (six very good looking fish, a few wild fish released and a jack for about two weeks of fishing) and hosting the 1st Annual Powertool Pumpkin Carving Party slowed my progress for a bit but I finally crossed the finish line and am enjoying my second fire in it as I write this.  I still need to get a mantle for it (might have a buddy of mine just make it for me or at least cut all the panels and I can nail it up and finish it) and texture and paint the wall but the heavy lifting is done.