Columbia 8/5/2008

I’ve been remiss on submitting reports, but that’s largely because nothing of any import happened and no good stories came of the trips.  Went fishing with Jeremy, who moved up from Cali a few weeks ago.  It was his first fishing trip in Oregon and we didn’t catch anything.  Also went fishing in the same area with my buddy Steve; he hooked up with a nook under the Dodge Park bridge but lost it after about a minute.

Steve and I took the boat out yesterday in search of the elusive Columbia River steelhead.  Catch rates have been down this year, probably due to water temps and flows.  I didn’t mark much of anything on the finder whilst sitting on anchor above the Sandy.  Water temp is getting up to 68 now, which I think is about right for this time of year.

We were treated to a rather nice sunset on the way back to the ramp though.  I told Steve he should consider himself lucky that I didn’t bring the camera along as I probably would have spent an hour or so toodling around in the boat and shooting pics.

Next up on the summertime list is getting the woodstove project done so fishing is going to be pretty sparse until that finishes up.  On top of that, I need to get a cord of wood from somewhere and get that put away for the winter.  I’m planning to get in a trip from the motorcycle this Friday, then work starts in earnest on the removal of the current fireplace and the project gets underway.