Gresham Butte Saddle Trail

Drew turned me on to the Gresham Butte Saddle Trail, gem of nature not far from downtown Gresham.

It reminds me a lot of Forest Park in that it’s very nearby as evidenced by the sounds of traffic filtering in through the forest but feels remote (mostly) in that you can’t see the source of the noise or much of anything but the forest.  It’s about a medium in terms of workout.  The trail gains and loses elevation quickly making it a good place to go when you want a pretty fair workout without having to drive hours into the forest.  Curiously, the trail was once a logging road, which seems hard to imagine considering its proximity to the city but I suppose back then the city wasn’t really that close to it.

I accessed the trail from the west side on 19th street just off of Towle road.  I continued straight across the park area to 19th street on the other side and had a nice enough walk of it.  Out of curiosity on the way back, I turned south onto the cross trail.  It’s a pretty steep and unrelenting climb up the hill and as you begin to crest you seem to be promised some sort of vista as the sky begins to show through the trees.  Alas, all you see is a large water storage tank.  On the way back down, I decided to follow a second fork in the trail and discovered this old abandoned delivery vehicle and decided to end the hike at that point and head for home.

I believe the signs at the trailheads indicated that pets were not allowed but about half the folks I came across had dogs with them.  Be aware that there is no naturally occurring water along the trail so if you choose to take your four footed friends along, bring plenty of water for them.