sailing class – cast of characters

Now, let’s introduce the cast of characters (alas, there are no pretty, single ladies in the class)

George: he’s the instructor. An older gentleman with an odd sort of manner rather befitting a sailor of his years, he seems to be constantly beset by the trouble of having taught the same class some three hours prior and having to remember to repeat all of the things he told the previous class just a few hours ago.

Bruce: another somewhat older fellow although you couldn’t tell it by looking at him, Bruce is on the cusp of retirement somewhere near the age of 60. He recently bought a sailboat that he keeps moored somewhere on the Multnomah Channel. Apparently, retiring to a sailboat is part of his life plan and he figured he should learn how to use the thing. He’s also an avid and accomplished sailplane pilot.

Jennifer and Erik (or Eric perhaps): Erik sailed during his days in college and pretty much knows what he’s doing. His wife, Jennifer, has not sailed before and is nervous about doing anything on the boat. Erik mentioned that he used to make it pretty much mandatory that any of his dates go sailing with him as part of the vetting process. It’s unclear whether Jennifer was ever subjected to this. Jennifer, on the other hand, mentioned that much like skiing, it’s better to have someone other than a spouse or close friend attempt to teach you the skill.

The boat: I’m not sure of the make or model of the boat but it’s a 26′ keelboat, meaning the keel is permanently affixed to the hull and weighted with around 1500 pounds of lead. This is a good thing for students with little sailing experience as it makes the boat tougher to tip over and sink. She’s not in excellent shape, which is probably for the best in a learning situation, but she appears to be in solid working order overall. We may end up on different boats over the course of the class or we may be using this one the entire time.