Sailing class – intro

When I was younger, dad got it into his head that he’d like a sailboat. And so appeared a 15′ day sailer in the back yard and he began trying to figure out how to sail. At some point, he decided to take me along for an afternoon of sailing on Clear Lake near Houston, a protected cove off of Galveston Bay. After a bit of a rough time getting away from the dock we were off and it was like magic. Here we were, moving along under no visible power at all, save the straining of the sails to master the wind. I’d never been sailing before and actually hadn’t been sailing again since then.

In the meantime, for Christmas one year my ex-wife bought me an inexpensive radio controlled sailboat. I had a blast sailing it around in the 15′ hillbilly pool in the back yard. I’d also acquired a canoe and thought about rigging it up as a sailing craft (come to find out, canoe sailing was quite popular in the early 1900’s) but as luck and regulations would have it, I’d have to title and register the canoe in order to legally sail it and that just seemed to be too much work.

Having given up on my dream of canoe sailing, I purchased plans for an 11′ semidory sailing boat that I may one day actually build. These days I’m too busy with fishing, the dogs, the house and a thousand other to-do’s to build the boat but at some point I figure it’ll happen.

In the end, I thought sailing class would be a good opportunity to gain a life skill and a nice way to spend some time on the water doing something besides fishing. With luck, I might even meet an attractive and single young lady in class.