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Django, Jack and Buster are “my pack”

Buster the polar bear

There was a break in the rain on Sunday afternoon (and the football game was a boring blowout) so I loaded up the pups and headed for Thousand Acres park.  While all of the snow is now gone from my yard, there were still a few inches on the ground in the park.  It was […]


Buster is a dog of many nicknames. Little sausage, little piggy, Buzz, Buzz-bomb, the list goes on. I won’t go into how he came to be a member of the pack, but he’s definitely at the bottom of the pecking order among the three of them, poor guy. He’s a funny little guy though and […]


Jack was the second pup to be added to the pack. He was an adoption from the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter in Washington County. If you’ve got any ideas on what sort of dog he is, I’d love to hear them.


Django is the largest of the pack, and also came first, but I’m not certain whether she’s the alpha. I’m the alpha, of course, but I think Jack actually rules the roost out of the three. She’s a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix as best as I can tell. Over the years, she hasn’t been too much […]