The summer chinook season

We’ve only had this season for the last two years so there really isn’t a “roadmap” to catching these fish.  Having so much vacation to use this year, I decided to take a week off and fish part of it before heading down to the Blues Festival to volunteer with OFB.  It’s a good thing […]

There must be fifty ways …

to lose your steelhead. Today, I only got to try three of them. Moseyed out of the house around 9am or so to the brisk east wind, and by brisk I mean brutal. Yeah, I know that if it really bothered me I could move but I’ve taken to viewing it as another form of […]


A new year, another long list of things at which to fail for most people.  I broke with tradition this year.  Normally I would resolve to not make any resolutions (at which, of course, I immediately fail by resolving to not resolve).  I did however make one resolution: I hereby resolve to spend more time […]

Columbia 8/5/2008

I’ve been remiss on submitting reports, but that’s largely because nothing of any import happened and no good stories came of the trips.  Went fishing with Jeremy, who moved up from Cali a few weeks ago.  It was his first fishing trip in Oregon and we didn’t catch anything.  Also went fishing in the same […]

Goose Lake – 7/13/08

Destination: Goose Lake for some float tube flyfishing for trout with 1HotTraumaMama from Ifish. The alarm clock went off at 5am and I lurched out of bed thinking, “I’m in no kind of shape to get on my bike.”  I had a couple cups of coffee, smoked a few cigarettes and made preparations to ride […]

Steelhead on the Columbia – 7/1/2008

I decided that a trip out in the boat was just the ticket for unwinding after work and catching at least some of the sunset. I put in at the Chinook Landing ramp, per usual, (and noted the netter boat tied up there) then did some scouting. No boats along Government Island, no boats up […]