Bock recipe

Back in my college days, I had the pleasure of drinking large quantities of Shiner Bock before they were bought out by Gambrinus and turned into a mini-macro brewery.  From week to week, the flavors would vary as they were …

Oatmeal stout

I’m outside of spec for IBU on this recipe but I’m going to try it out first before adjusting it.  Having enjoyed my high IBU IPA’s this summer, I’m kinda addicted to hops these days.

Stout, Oatmeal Stout Partial


Winter Warmer anyone?

I first ran across the ‘winter warmer’ style some years ago.  Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome happened to be my favorite back then but I’ve since run across a number of fair to good winter warmers (that’s one darned cheerful looking …

Paisley Porter

This is my takeoff on the Paisley Porter on TastyBrew’s site.  With the colder weather coming on, I’m leaving the IPA’s mostly behind and exploring the grains and yeasts of the darker side of the beer spectrum.


Chocolate Milk Stout

I’ve got a party coming up, you might have heard: the First Annual Powertool Pumpkin Carving Party.  Jeremy is working up a clone of McMenamin’s Ruby ale.  As a fill-in ‘chick beer’ I decided to try to replicate and perhaps …

Amarillo IPA

My LHBS is running low on the hops I normally lean on so I spread my wings a little and came up with this recipe using Amarillo hops.

OG 1.052
FG 1.013
IBU 86
ABV 5.0 %

Centennial IPA

Ran across an interesting beer that reminded me of another beer, the research of which led me to centennial hops.  I’m hoping this recipe turns out well but at least I’ll have another hop under my belt and some info …

Doug’s IPA

Pretty imaginative name, huh?  While it’s a decent enough beer I guess I just don’t like enough to give it a more appropriate name.  I built this recipe around the two types of hops I have growing in the backyard, …

Paige’s Pale knockoff

I’ve kind of standardized my brewing practices more or less.  I suppose after getting a few more batches under my belt and doing a bit more study I might change things up a bit but for now I’m working with …

Mistake #7

So, I’m at the LHBS (that would be Local HomeBrew Supply) going down the list of ingredients for my next two batches and messed up (which totally never happens to a guy who drinks his own beer, ever). Instead of …