related specifically to the sailing adventures of yours truly

sailing class – part 6 of 6

One door closes and several more open.

sailing class – 5 of 6

A few things converged for me this week and this image really culminates the whole thing.

sailing class – part 4 of 6

For some folks, sailing is like unto a religious experience.

sailing class – part 3 of 6

For this week’s class, Jennifer and Eric had apparently just flown back into town and were too tired to attend class.  Bruce was there though and it turns out  that last week he had a dead battery that had prevented …

sailing class – pt. 2 of 6 (confirmed)

I confirmed that we’ll be extending class another week because of the holiday break next week. Also, this week Bruce didn’t make it for some reason. I was a bit bummed for him but it did make for more room …

sailing class – pt 1 of 6 (or 5)

I’ll start this by saying that I don’t know if there will be five classes or six. Prior to my arrival on the first day of class, the other class members decided that we’ll not have class on July 5th …

sailing class – cast of characters

Now, let’s introduce the cast of characters (alas, there are no pretty, single ladies in the class)

George: he’s the instructor. An older gentleman with an odd sort of manner rather befitting a sailor of his years, he seems to …

Sailing class – intro

When I was younger, dad got it into his head that he’d like a sailboat. And so appeared a 15′ day sailer in the back yard and he began trying to figure out how to sail. At some point, he …